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The Afrocentric Communiversity is consulting done differently. The Communiversity combines the tenets of African-American Studies, the research of the academy, and the unity of community to assist people in manifesting their dreams. Said differently, the communiversity is a consulting company that assists people and organizations to design and manage themselves in an African-centered way. I was called to this work after leaving the academy pursuing a Master’s degree in African-American Studies. I'm taking all of the wonderful lessons I have learned from the academy and bridging them with a community-based learning experience. 

My goal is to transform the way my community “does” organization work. Oftentimes, we get sucked into a protocol and formula for doing work that is not rooted in culture or community. In turn, our organizations deviate from placing the community as their focus and instead, prioritize the almighty dollar. The Communiversity strives to redefine the relationship between community institutions, community engagement, and academia. The Communiversity is a space for everyone: activists, bloggers, community centers, churches, schools, social justice organizations, and traditional business owners.

What makes the Communiversity unique is its ability to provide personal AND professional guidance. There is a holistic, cultural approach to creating community institutions. It encourages the partner to see their organization or project as more than a stand-alone entity independent of other factors such as spiritual identity, life purpose, and wealth. We dissect organization development in African-American history and study the lives of our ancestors to guide us down a righteous path. 

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Principles for Afrocentric Consulting

We give not because we expect anything in return, but because it is what the universe expects from us. 


Doing what is right is not always easy, but doing what is right has the power to transform how we exist in the world and with each other.


We come from a people who were steadfast and strong in their faith. Throughout history, our Supreme Being has had many names: Ausar & Auset, God, Allah, Jehovah, and many more. No matter the name, their power and our faith were the same.


Succumbing to the socialization of the world is tough. Discipline to a righteous way of life is imperative.


Individualism implies a person has the ability to exist without the assistance and wisdom from not only their community, but also from their ancestors. We need each other to survive. 


A resourceful group of people are aware of the universe and their impact to it. Understanding human beings are not the only life forces on earth help us work in tandem with and in consideration of others.

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