The Afrocentric Communiversity, LLC

Building civically engaged and culturally conscious community institutions

As an Afrocentric Organization advisor, I am more than a coach or consultant, I help you combine your purpose with passion.


Blending spiritual transformation with cultural expertise, all of my services result in the holistic uplift of your organization.


"Jalyn is a delightfully enchanting person. Meeting her one time, is equivalent to feeling that you have a friend for life. Her personality is bubbly and refreshing. Jalyn is a person who sets a goal and makes a way to be able to accomplish it. When we worked together to bring Egyptian Yoga to the Clark Atlanta Graduate students, she came with an idea and moved on it immediately. She utilized her network and resources to make the vision a reality.  She stuck to the goal, providing dynamic feedback and assistance the entire process. As a result, we had a great class and built a working relationship that continues to be mutually respectful. Working with Jalyn, expect quality, dedication and results."

—  Nzinga The Queen

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